Deadbeat - README


Although production code is based on this library, it should still be considered as work in progress.

deadbeat /ˈdɛdbiːt/

  1. A lazy or socially undesirable person; a loafer, slacker.
  2. (Horology) Improved version of the anchor escapement, which slides over the dead face of the escape tooth without recoil after giving impulse to the pendulum.

Deadbeat is a framework for creating event driven data transformation tools.

With Deadbeat you can create well behaving *nix application/daemon/cron script which ingests, processes, transforms and outputs realtime data. It allows you to create the geartrain of cogs, where each cog does one specific action. The cogs range from fetching information, parsing, modification, typecasting, transformations, to enrichment, filtering, anonymisation, deduplication, aggregation, formatting, marshalling and output.

Deadbeat is event driven, it is able to watch and act upon common sources of events: timer, I/O poll, inotify and unix signals. Usually Deadbeat just slacks around doing completely nothing until some data arives (be it primary data feed or answers to network queries).

The code supports both Python 2.7+ and 3.0+.

The library is part of SABU project, loosely related to Warden, and often used to process IDEA events.