vial package

Vial is a lightweight skeleton application with batteries included built on top of excelent Flask microframework.

vial.create_app_full(app_class, app_name, config_dict=None, config_object='vial.config.ProductionConfig', config_file=None, config_env='VIAL_CONFIG_FILE', config_func=None)[source]

Factory function for building Vial application. This function takes number of optional arguments, that can be used to create a very customized instance of Vial application. This can be very usefull when extending applications` capabilities or for purposes of testing. Each of these arguments has default value for the most common application setup, so for disabling it entirely it is necessary to provide None as a value.

  • app_class (class) – Flask application class to instantinate.

  • app_name (string) – Name of the application, identifier in lowercase.

  • config_dict (dict) – Initial default configurations.

  • config_object (str) – Name of a class or module containing configurations.

  • config_file (str) – Name of a file containing configurations.

  • config_env (str) – Name of an environment variable pointing to a file containing configurations.

  • config_func (callable) – Callable that will receive app.config as parameter.


Vial application

Return type