hawat.blueprints.timeline.forms module

This module contains custom internal event timeline search form for Hawat.

class hawat.blueprints.timeline.forms.SimpleTimelineSearchForm(formdata=<object object>, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: flask_wtf.form.FlaskForm

Class representing simple event timeline search form.

dt_from = <UnboundField(SmartDateTimeField, (l'Detection time from:',), {'validators': [<wtforms.validators.Optional object>]})>
dt_to = <UnboundField(SmartDateTimeField, (l'Detection time to:',), {'validators': [<wtforms.validators.Optional object>]})>
static is_multivalue(field_name)[source]

Check, if given form field is a multivalue field.


field_name (str) – Name of the form field.


True, if the field can contain multiple values, False otherwise.

Return type


source_addrs = <UnboundField(CommaListField, (l'Source addresses:',), {'validators': [<wtforms.validators.Required object>, <function check_network_record_list>]})>
submit = <UnboundField(SubmitField, (l'Search',), {})>