mentat.emails.event module

This module contains implementation of email reports send by the component. It is based on mentat.emails.base.BaseEmail.

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_CLASS_EVENT = 'events'

Module constant for event report types.

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_EVCOUNT_HEADER = 'X-Mentat-Report-Event-Count'

Custom email header: Report event count

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_ID_PARENT_HEADER = 'X-Mentat-Report-Parent-Id'

Custom email header: Parent report identifier

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_SEVERITY_HEADER = 'X-Mentat-Report-Severity'

Custom email header: Report severity

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_SRCIP_HEADER = 'X-Mentat-Report-Src-IP'

Custom email header: Report source IP

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_TESTDATA_HEADER = 'X-Mentat-Report-Test-Data'

Custom email header: Report type

mentat.emails.event.REPORT_WINDOW_HEADER = 'X-Mentat-Report-Time-Window'

Custom email header: Report time window

class mentat.emails.event.ReportEmail(headers, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseEmail

Implementation of email reports send by the Mentat component.

static guess_attachment(filepath)[source]

Guess the mimetype for given attachment file.


filepath (str) – Path to the attachment file.


Email mimetype for the given attachment file.

Return type


report_class = 'events'